This Mom’s Beauty Survival Guide!

Some days I wake up, look in the mirror and I hardly recognize myself.

Who is this woman staring back at me and where did I go?

I am starting to see lines that were not there before, my eyes tend to look like I haven’t slept in weeks and my skin can be dull.

This is completely normal, my fellow mamas. Being a mother means less sleep and less time to take care of yourself, especially in those first few crazy years of motherhood. You can’t even go to the bathroom by yourself let alone take some time to get a facial

Let me that with any beauty product, it times take and consistency. If you take my advice and use any of my beauty hacks, you will have to b e consistent and patience. But we are moms so patience is our thing, right? Ha! And its always best to try to prevent wrinkles because that it much easier then waiting for them to appear.

Every morning and night I take 15 minutes to myself to take care of me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is way easier said then done. Some mornings I have to lock myself in the bathroom in order to fix myself all while hearing little taps on the door followed by, “mommy, are you almost done?” Oy vey. Gotta love motherhood!

Lets begin with the mornings. Typically I set my alarm for a few hours before my children wake up so I can get their bookbags ready, pack lunches, mentally prepare for the morning battle of what my daughter wants to wear to school, enjoy a few cups of coffee, and finally, do my morning skin care routine.

(By the way, the best part of this list is that it is all affordable because I am as cheap as they come. I also have provided links to take you directly to them on amazon so you do not have to do any of your own searching. Just click the products picture! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Amazon Prime?!)

Let me start by saying that I have spent ALOT of money at Ulta and Sephora trying to be amazed by face wash. I have combination skin so I get oily and I get dry. When I started to look for something to combat wrinkles, I said screw it and bought a local name brand, Loreal RevitaLyft, and let me tell you it works wonders. I love what it has done for my skin. It has evened out my completion and really gave my skin a good lift. I’m a customer for life now.

A good moisturizer will do wonders for you! Kate Sommerville Glow moisturizer really lifts me up in the morning. It add a simple sparkle to my skin that I really need to feel alive when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I have tried several things from her line and I must say I am impressed. Unfortunately, her products are far too expensive for me to splur on too often.

I am going to be completely upfront with this next beauty hack. It may look a little intimidating but it is truly a god send! It’s called a derma roller and it really helps to keep your skin plump. I also love how it adds a flushed color to my cheeks. I, personally, have a high pain tolerance so rolling this over my cheeks every other morning works fine for me.¬† Lips, now that’s another story, OUCH. I put a little numbing cream on my lips if I want to give them a good roll over.

the derma roller works by puncturing the skin signaling to your collagen that it needs to repair itself. I can not speak highly enough about this product. It comes in different sizes so you will have to customize what fits your needs most. I use the .25.

Below is another must have of mine and may not be too heard of! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LITTLE PIECE OF MAGIC! It is a high frequency facial machine. It works against wrinkles, scars and keeps skin plump. It can even help hair grow! I use this after I layer my moisturizer on so I can glide it around my face with ease. This one looks a little scary as well but rest assure its very simple! I especially love to use this in the morning when my eyes look a little puffy.

I use the below product at night around my eyes. I can say that I have zero crows feet (yet)and I believe I owe a lot of it too this product. It also nourishes my eyelashes well so they are strong and healthy for mascara. It’s too thick and oily to wear during the day so this is a strict night time product. I put a small dap on my fingertips and rub around my eyes in a circular motion. One bottle lasts a long time! This budget mama likes that.

Loreal Revital Lift, we meet again. I LOVE the night time cream by their line. I may be getting a little too excited when I say this but I look forward to what my skin looks like when I wake up. If I stumble to bed without rubbing this all over my face, I avoid the mirror in the morning. HA! But seriously, it has retinol in it which is amazing to fight wrinkles with. I’m pretty much sold that anything from this line with not let me down.

Now we have come to my last go to beauty product. First Aid Beauty (who will always have a soft spot in my heart) has an AMAZING moisturizer. I use this at night and it is amazing for the winter when dry skin creeps up on you. First Aid Beauty has a great skin care line for those with extra sensitive skin. I first stumbled across their line when I was pregnant with my daughter and all of a sudden everything made my skin burn like it was on fire. No, seriously, my skin literally felt like it was burning off of my face no matter what I put on it. I had many times of standing in front of the freezer rubbing ice cubes on my face while tears ran down my face.

And there you have it! These are my MUST haves for my skin. And I am loving the results! The last few months I have pushed myself to be consistent and my skin looks better than ever. Do you see any products on my list that you would want to try? Be sure to let me know.

Also, I can not seem to find a sunscreen that I can fall in love with. Any recommendations? We all know how important sun protection is and trust me, I take it seriously especially that I am getting older. My problem is though, most of them make my skin look oily. I HATE THAT. So please, send some screens that you love my way. Maybe it will make it onto my next list ūüôā

Welcome to My Side of the Motherhood.

Parenting is hard.

Everything about it is hard. We are raising living, breathing, actual human beings who will spend years and years sucking the energy right out of us and demanding that we constantly feed them… And then…¬†just like that.. they will be gone. No¬†more waking up with your toddler’s butt¬†cheek parallel to your face (why am I laying in a puddle? Oh it’s pee). No more explaining why butter can not be¬†the main dish for dinner. No more¬†requests to make up magical, action packed bedtime stories on the spot.¬†If the thought of that does not make you snivel, then you might be Chuck Norris.

Every mother knows what I am talking about. We all have our days of clenching onto our child’s lifelong stuffed monkey while rocking back and forth in a corner sobbing in self pity¬†at the thought of MY LITTLE BABIES NOT NEEDING ME ANYMORE.

We all have those days.

I have been known to write too long of a mushy, proud mommy status, on Facebook. No shame, by the way. I am a damn amazing (not perfect) mother. I cringe at the word perfect. I’m still learning and I’m blessed to have two kids to grow up with. I am a passionate mother and that makes me fierce beyond recognition, even when i feel like I’m failing as a mom.

The mind boggling part of motherhood is how the one thing that a mother is so strong for (her children), is the first ones that will bring her to her knees. We are mothers, hear us roar! And then your son tells you there is no where in the world he would rather be than with you. And back to the corner I go to rock and cry at the thought of him being a teen, wanting to spend his free time with his friends. I am mother, hear me cry? PARENTING IS SO HARD. As much as I’d love to keep them to myself forever, I’m selfless enough to know that they need to spread their wings. I am a crucial part of their lives but I know I can’t keep them to myself forever. It is a part of them growing up. Excuse me while I go back to my corner.

You’re not alone walking the streets of motherhood. Throughout my posts there will be cursing, questioning, laughing, thanking and all the feels. Read my blogs and we can cry over spilt milk together. For the record, who ever said that there is no point in crying over spilt milk has never spent 2 hours unclogging their milk ducts just to accidently knock over the 2 ounces they managed to get out. Oh my poor nipples.

Welcome to my ‘hood.