Welcome to My Side of the Motherhood.

Parenting is hard.

Everything about it is hard. We are raising living, breathing, actual human beings who will spend years and years sucking the energy right out of us and demanding that we constantly feed them… And then… just like that.. they will be gone. No more waking up with your toddler’s butt cheek parallel to your face (why am I laying in a puddle? Oh it’s pee). No more explaining why butter can not be the main dish for dinner. No more requests to make up magical, action packed bedtime stories on the spot. If the thought of that does not make you snivel, then you might be Chuck Norris.

Every mother knows what I am talking about. We all have our days of clenching onto our child’s lifelong stuffed monkey while rocking back and forth in a corner sobbing in self pity at the thought of MY LITTLE BABIES NOT NEEDING ME ANYMORE.

We all have those days.

I have been known to write too long of a mushy, proud mommy status, on Facebook. No shame, by the way. I am a damn amazing (not perfect) mother. I cringe at the word perfect. I’m still learning and I’m blessed to have two kids to grow up with. I am a passionate mother and that makes me fierce beyond recognition, even when i feel like I’m failing as a mom.

The mind boggling part of motherhood is how the one thing that a mother is so strong for (her children), is the first ones that will bring her to her knees. We are mothers, hear us roar! And then your son tells you there is no where in the world he would rather be than with you. And back to the corner I go to rock and cry at the thought of him being a teen, wanting to spend his free time with his friends. I am mother, hear me cry? PARENTING IS SO HARD. As much as I’d love to keep them to myself forever, I’m selfless enough to know that they need to spread their wings. I am a crucial part of their lives but I know I can’t keep them to myself forever. It is a part of them growing up. Excuse me while I go back to my corner.

You’re not alone walking the streets of motherhood. Throughout my posts there will be cursing, questioning, laughing, thanking and all the feels. Read my blogs and we can cry over spilt milk together. For the record, who ever said that there is no point in crying over spilt milk has never spent 2 hours unclogging their milk ducts just to accidently knock over the 2 ounces they managed to get out. Oh my poor nipples.

Welcome to my ‘hood.

Published by

Erica Tipton

I'm just trying to be the best mom that I can and let others moms know that they are not alone in the crazy emotions of motherhood.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to My Side of the Motherhood.”

  1. I’m so haply u r doing this blog! I’m always excited to see your mommy Post’s and nine times out of ten I need your mommy posts!! Lol….u give me inspiration on days where I feel like I’m not doing a good job or I’m feeling overwhelmed! I read your post and it reminds me that we are all in this together and yes motherhood is hard!

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  2. Oh I cried over spilt milk for sure! Mason never latched so I had a love hate relationship with my pump. Every 3 hours even when mason was sleeping I had to get up and I did it for a year. I never knew what true love was until I had mason. I would totally kill for my son no doubt! I too have my weak moments where I wonder if I’m a good mom. Sometimes I get upset with mason and then I get upset with myself for letting myself get upset with him?! Anyone have this problem? I just want him to have so much more then I ever had. I don’t want him to ever go through the struggles and scarifise that I went through. I just hate the world we live in now. Everyone is going bat shit crazy and I just want to put him in a bubble and never let the bad touch him. I love your blogs cuz it makes me feel not alone! I’m more of a private person so I never post anything lol!! Thank you sharing! It’s sad we are cousins and our kids don’t even know each other! We need to get better at that!

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    1. I am so relieved someone else could relate to the pumping disaster! LOL Kash was never had a good latch either. It seemed that only at night he would. It was exhausting to pump so much. But look at us, pushed through the tough times and now it’s just a memory. Something we should be proud to look back on and be rpoud that we did the extra work just to give our babies nutrients. Go us!!!

      And I do the same damn thing! I will yell at the kids, slam their bedroom door then walk into the kitchen and feel like shit. I think to myself, “what did screaming and slamming a door teach them?” So I give myself a moment to calm down and then I go and make them explain to me why they are in trouble. Then I explain why they should not do what they just did. I try really hard to always talk to them. I have done that from a very young age with them. And it works very well for all of us. Maybe something to try? It doesnt always go perfectly smooth though. I don’t want you to think it’s a magic worker. Sometimes they refuse to lose the attitude so I simply say, “Ok, you can come out when you are ready to be nice.” and I calmly walk out and gently close the door. This always works. They always come out very slowly and apologize. But I still haven’t mastered completely keeping my cool 24/7.

      I’m so happy you can relate to my posts! All of the positive feedback is so encouraging and makes me so happy. 1. because I also feel less alone and 2. The positive energy for something I am so passionate about is amazing! I hope to see you post on future blogs. I look forward to discussing the fun and frustrating parts of parenthood. And we definitely need to have face to face discussions!


  3. If only walls could talk…..I have cried at the thought of my babies not needing me someday. I know it’s a healthy thing for them as they grow…But I am a mom always willing to hold on tight. Thank for sharing your heart as mama💞

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